Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Follow up to Mondays post.

After Mondays post I received some feedback regarding the post. Mainly it involves your relationship with the parents.  Upon posting, I had the concept in mind that most of the children you will be working with you would already have an established relationship with (your own children, nieces and nephews, children of very close friends, etc). That was an error on my part. While I am sure that will in fact that be the case in a lot of your circumstances it will not always be. 

Something you will need to be cognizant of when becoming a Faerie Godparent is not only the magic but also the safety of yourself as well as the child. With such a focus on "Online Predators" and other people out looking to harm children you want to make sure there are safeguards in place.

Communication with the parents is key. You don't want to give the wrong impression to anyone or cause any issues. It was suggested that a parental consent form be generated and filled out. If you feel that your circumstances deem that necessary, then by all means do so. I will try to generate something to make available for you to download and print up at some point. 

If you are an educator or work with children, then you can use this blog for ideas for your children. Feel free to use some of these projects in your lesson plans. Again this is about taking your individual circumstances and making this your own.  

This also brings us to the point of if you do not have the ability to communicate with the parents or have specific children you can adopt.. There are still things you can do. You can take some of the ideas coming up and simply use them in your every day life. Don't limit yourself. I am going to dedicate an entire post to just that. 

I love hearing your feedback. This, like life, is like a work in process.  Everyones experiences are going to be different. Feel free to post comments on the blog, or become a fan on facebook and start discussions.

Which means you have to keep reading!!!!! 

Until next week.. Keep wishing, and keep dreaming!