Monday, September 21, 2009

The Faerie Godchild adoption process.

As promised this week I discuss the actual introduction of Faerie God-parenting.

First things first: your name. It is not mandatory to give yourself a Faerie God-name, but it never hurts. It can help you get into character or alter ego. Kind of like a Magical Pen name as it were.  Just as long as you aren't revealing to the child it is you or using your real name. It is all about perpetuating illusion and belief. You can think of a simple or elaborate name, or merely go by "Your Faerie God Mother/Father". The choice is entirely up to you.

Finding children around us to adopt should not be that difficult: they are all around us. The optimal age is 3-7. This is when kids are at their most imaginative and understanding. You can start younger, even from birth as the story books do.

First (if possible) consult with the parents. You may need their assistance in some of the magic. If you can't that is okay too, but it would help if they were on board. With Being a Faerie God-Parent there are two distinctive roles you must play: that of the seen and that of the unseen. Think of it like Santa Claus or the Tooth Faerie. You need to instill the belief and then act upon it. Unlike Santa or the Tooth Faerie, being a Faerie Godparent Can happen at any time, or any place. no matter how you do it, you may require assistance from the parents in question. It can happen in their room, in their home, or in your home, outside. Anywhere. If you have nature around you that helps, but even if you don't there are things you can do (i'll get to that at a later time).

Now that you have found a child (or children) you need to introduce them to their Faerie Godparent. The best way to do this is with an "adoption certificate". I use the term lightly as to not cause any issues of legality or misunderstanding of the term. It is merely a phrase I use to define the actual induction itself. To create a certificate, simply put it is a piece of paper/leaf or some item that can be written on and used as a keepsake. On it you can scroll something small and simple like:

Dearest (Childs Name),
This letter is to inform you that you have your very own Faerie God Parent!
Please accept this gift (charm) as a Welcome into the Faerie World and to remind you that Faeries are all around you, and magic exists.
~Your Faerie GodMother/Father (Insert optional FGP name here)

If the child is of a walking/talking/understanding type age leaving a magical little treasure addressed to them including the certificate is optimal. This is where having parental assistance comes in handy, because it is best to put it in a common hiding spot of the child "hidden in plain sight" so to speak. Someplace in their room, inside a toy, in the closet or in their favorite pair of shoes. All are good ideas. If you are unable to get to the childs room, any outside place they frequent that is somewhat weatherproof will do.

Another option is to premeditate with the child about the adoption. Talk to the child about how you yourself have a Faerie Godparent, and how it is this magical thing. You can get together and make a "Faerie Godparent Mailbox" And leave it in a place the child can get to or even someplace outside (tree mail!). Don't forget if you do choose to do this, to make a with that child on something like a flower and leave it in the box.. It can be a gift for the Faerie Godparent or their helpers (i.e. you or the childs parents) to collect while the child is asleep and replace it with the certificate.

If the child is a newborn (or not yet born!) You can use that time to make a little something special for their crib or baby room. A little charm or something to dangle from the window. Make sure you include a tag that reads "from your Faerie Godparent". 

As with all of this, these are all just vague guide lines to help inspire you. Be as creative as possible. Use this time to think up stories of Faerie Godparents to share with the kids. Use legends from your own cultures and backgrounds and tie it into the story telling. Use it to have craft time with them. This is just about inspiring you as it is them. Have fun with it!

I would love to hear about your adventures into Faerie God Parenting. Share you stories via replies to this blog, or by emailing me.

Have a wonderful day and remember to keep wishing and keep dreaming!